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2 ago 2018

Embedding a self-perpetuating drive for performance improvement. www.miguelpla.com


Organization Transformation/Culture Change

Organization Transformation requires a fundamental shift in the assumptions, values, beliefs that drive people’s behavior, their relationships, and norms. These dynamics are the largely hidden and underestimated force that will regulate the success and momentum of sought-after changes. They are simply a fact of life and always present. You cannot stop, suppress, or in some other way, avoid them. The only course for change to shine a bright light on them through capacity building and performance improvement skills that generate awareness, manage, and ultimately harness these dynamics in ways that advance organization transformation.

The bottom line is that if you put the work into your culture up front, countless strategy problems will be avoided, and creativity and innovation will thrive.

Change Management

Grid’s exclusive management consulting methodology for change management is truly an example of “teaching a man to fish.” In our experience, most organizations are very good at defining organization transformation and culture change strategies for what needs to change. However, preparing people to understand, support, and embrace how to execute change management is as important as designing the strategic culture change outcomes. Drs. Blake and Mouton, the founders of Grid International, said, “We know that people, if they want to, can make almost any strategy, no matter how inappropriate, work; or, if they don’t want it to work, they can prevent any strategy, no matter how appropriate, from working well.